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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents have resulted in some of the worst crashes in history. The most disastrous pile-ups have involved hundreds of vehicles. These accidents are extremely dangerous, because these crashes can make it difficult for victims to exit their vehicles and can result in gasoline spills. Because multi-vehicle accidents involve cars being hit several times, this increases the severity of a victim’s injuries.

These accidents are some of the hardest cases to handle, because with so many individuals involved, it can be hard to establish fault and deal with so many injuries and insurance companies. How can this case be resolved and how can you receive the settlement you deserve? After receiving medical treatment, the most important step you can take is to secure the aggressive and experienced legal representation you need on your side.

Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

A personal injury attorney can help you find witnesses and can hire the proper professionals to help reconstruct the accident. Multi-vehicle accidents can include several scenarios:

  • You could have been rear-ended by a car, which triggered a chain reaction
  • A car could have lost control and rammed into you, which caused you to veer out of control and hit other vehicles
  • Adverse weather could have caused a pile-up
  • You could have been unaware of an existing accident and plowed into it
  • When a car is stuck on the road or freeway due to mechanical issues, it is easy to collide into these cars, which can quickly result in a pile-up. In these scenarios, cars are more likely to brake and skid or change lanes suddenly in front of oncoming traffic, which increases the chances of large accidents occurring.

Multi-vehicle accidents can also be caused by head-on accidents, t-bone accidents and highway wrecks. When many cars come into contact with each other, this can cause rollovers and front, side or rear end impact, or often, a combination of all of these! At other times, multi-vehicle crashes can involve 18-wheeler tractor trailers Multi-vehicle accidents most often occur in low-visibility conditions, such as when a driver is caught off after driving too close to another vehicle or not adjusting to road conditions. No matter what the circumstances behind a multi-vehicle accident, these crashes all share one thing in common: they tend to cause worse injuries and more fatalities (see wrongful death).

When can you Hold Another Party Liable?

Common factors behind multi-vehicle accidents can include recklessness, speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving These are all grounds for negligence, which could allow you to fight for compensation. If you were injured in a multi-vehicle accident, you could be entitled to damages covering medical care, pain, suffering, emotional trauma, rehabilitation, home care, lost wages and property damage.

Why Should you Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

After a multi-vehicle accident, it is imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Without legal help, not only will you have to pay for the damage to your car and your medical expenses, another insurance company might try to convince you that you are liable for another party’s injuries. The cost of a multi-vehicle accident can quickly reach the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are out of work trying to recover and cannot afford to pay these extensive expenses, contact Klemick & Gampel and we will be happy to uphold your rights! Without experienced legal representation, your claim could be ignored and the party responsible could go unpunished! Don’t risk this.

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