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Negligence & Misconduct

Failure to Take Necessary Precautions

The subject of negligence is an important part of any personal injury claim. In some cases, establishing negligence can be a simple matter. A drunk driving accident or other car accident in which it is obvious through a police investigation that the driver who caused the accident was operating their vehicle while intoxicated, and breath and blood testing can verify this fact. Other cases can be more complex and could require an independent investigation to determine the underlying cause of the injury. There are cases in which single vehicle accidents are caused by hazards on the road, another driver creating a hazard that causes an innocent victim to swerve, or an auto part or system malfunction such as tire failure, brake failure, accelerator failure or a rollover that occurred due to a faulty design.

Proving Negligence in Trials and Settlement Negotiations

18 wheeler truck accidents are investigated by federal authorities, and the cause can be a wide range of issues, including a tired or intoxicated driver, speeding, weather conditions, an unsafely loaded truck that caused it to jackknife, or failure of a truck safety component. When necessary, at Klemick and Gampel, P.A., our legal team has access to some of the most respected professionals in a wide range of areas to look into the incident, whether a car accident, case of injury from a dangerous drug, or other situation in which the issue of negligence is in question. We urge you to contact a Miami personal injury attorney from our firm if you have questions about establishing and proving negligence in your injury case.

As trial lawyers, we are very familiar with establishing and proving negligence to the court; this can be a critical factor in the final outcome of a litigated case. It is necessary to ensure that you have the highest quality legal counsel if there is any question regarding liability. Our legal team has 95 years of combined experience, and as aggressive trial lawyers, we are very familiar with what the jury will need to see to come to a favorable conclusion for our clients. The same is true when pursuing a settlement. These settlements are reviewed by attorneys, who know full well that a good case that establishes negligence must be paid. Then the question comes down to negotiating the final price. We don’t back down and take fast settlements that are inadequate for our clients’ needs. We know how to manage all types of personal injury claims, and we can help you too. To learn more, contact a Miami personal injury lawyer from our firm to discuss the issue of negligence and your case.

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