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Insurance Bad Faith

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

If you feel that your insurance company has treated you unfairly, you may have grounds for an insurance bad faith lawsuit. When you purchased your policy, you entered upon a contract with the insurance provider, and if they have violated the terms of the agreement, a Miami personal injury lawyer from K&G can represent you in legal action. We pride ourselves on our integrity to our clients, and will stand by you throughout the entire process of your claim. The insurance company has dozens or hundreds of employees and a team of defense attorneys to fight your lawsuit, and we believe that you deserve dedicated legal representation to help you recover the amount you rightfully deserve.

Insurance bad faith occurs when the provider fails to fulfill its obligations as contained in the policy. It may take the form of unfair denial of a valid claim, as well as a failure to investigate the action before making a determination on the claim. Other examples include an intentional undervaluation of your claim, unreasonable denial of benefits, and not properly defending you when you are sued for causing an accident.

Fighting for What is Rightfully Yours

You have been faithfully paying your premiums in the expectation that when the time came, you would have the support of your insurance company and would not be forced to pay the substantial costs associated with your car accident or other type of accident. You have essentially been paying for peace of mind. It can be quite a shock to realize that after accepting your money for months or years, your insurer is not prepared to act in good faith towards you. An attorney from Klemick and Gampel, P.A. will fight to defend your rights under the policy, with the goal of recovering the full value of your claim in addition to damages for the injustice you have suffered. For experienced legal representation to help you recover the settlement you deserve, contact a Miami insurance bad faith attorney from our firm today.

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