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Product Liability

Dangerous Commercial Products: Injury Claims in Miami

When a commercial product is purchased, consumers believe that they are safe to use it, whether it is a toy, baby crib, medication, vehicle or other product. Unfortunately, many products that make it onto the market are later found to be extremely dangerous, resulting in serious injury or even fatality. If you or your loved one was catastrophically injured through the use of a commercial product, a Miami personal injury attorney from the Klemick and Gampel, P.A., legal team should be contacted at once. Product liability claims can require a high level of legal skill, as most manufacturers engage the services of aggressive law firms to challenge any product liability claim. It is of utmost importance that you have an equally powerful lawyer fighting for you, your rights, and the compensation you deserve.

Protecting the Rights of Consumers

At Klemick and Gampel, P.A., we have gained a reputation for excellence, during our 30 years of serving injured clients in the Miami area. When we take on a product liability case, the first step is a full, in-depth evaluation of the situation. There is frequently more than one liable party; we will need to file a claim against any corporation or other party that should be held accountable in your case.

Many products are now produced overseas. This adds a dangerous element as the protections and quality control are often less stringent than they are in the USA. Toys that are found to include dangerous toxins, including lead, have made it onto the market in recent years. Big Pharma has successfully gotten prescription medications onto the market and in use that were later found to have terrible and permanent side effects. Some auto parts fail, leading to deadly accidents that were impossible to avoid. We offer our services to the injured and their families to take action against manufacturers and other liable parties. We are committed advocates for the injured, and we urge you to contact our professional legal team as early as possible after the injury. We offer a free case evaluation in all product liability cases. Speak with a Miami product liability lawyer from our firm to discuss your case and how to take action to pursue compensation for damages.

Client Reviews
Excellent personal injury law firm. Handled my case professionally and efficiently and obtained the results I wanted. Great staff. Scott M.
Such a Professional Staff and Professional Service. They really care about their clients. Craig D.