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Watch Out When Using Single-Load Laundry Packets

Every once and while, the Consumer Product Safety Commission comes across a particularly dangerous item and they decide to list it as a CPSC Safety Alert It is essential that American citizens take note of these safety alerts in order to avoid seriously damaging or deathly product misuse. Recently, the CPSC noted that single-load liquid laundry packets can be extremely harmful to children. These small packets are typically clear and carry a small amount of gel-like liquid laundry detergent inside. The chemicals in each packet are powerful, and can cause serious injury to a child who is able to break open the rubbery plastic and consume or handle the soap inside. The CPSC says that some of the chemicals in these laundry packets are even toxic. Retailers say that the small packets are harmless as long as the contents do not leak, and advertise them as an easy way to deal with your laundry detergent. Yet the CPSC advises all parents and caregivers to lock up the laundry packets and make sure that children do not handle them.

Children tend to be attracted to the small packets, because they resemble a child’s plaything. They are soft, brightly colored, and fun to chew on. Unfortunately, many children equivocate the packets with candy or a teething toy and may chew on the packets while they are left out. In 2012 alone, the CPSC has received reports of over 500 tragic incidents involving these laundry packets. Both children and adults have been injured by the product. Most of the children who have been involved in the accidents were sent to the hospital. Symptoms that follow consuming the laundry detergent include excessive vomiting, drowsiness, throat swelling, loss of consciousness, and difficulty breathing. In some cases, the hospital has had to give children intubation in order to keep them from suffocating after they consumed the laundry detergent. When the chemicals in the laundry detergent reach the person’s eyes, they can create ocular burns that need to be treated at the hospital.

The laundry detergent packets are designed to dissolve quickly sand release the toxic chemicals inside when they make contact with water. They can also burst when a person with wet hands handles the packet, or when they are covered in saliva. The CPSC says that it is essential that all people handle these packets when their hands are dry and that they do not push on or pull at the packets in a way that could cause them to split. It is essential that children are not allowed access to the small packets. This is especially true for small toddlers who would not know the difference between the packet and another harmless gel teething toy. Make sure to store all laundry detergent packets for from a child’s reach in a sealed container. Many times the packets come in thick plastic Tupperware-like containers. It is suggested that you leave the packets in this well-labeled container on a high shelf. In addition, you should call poison help immediately for aid.

If your child was harmed by one of these packets, then you may be able to sue a responsible party. For example, if someone else was watching your child at the time and allowed him or her to chew on the packet, and this resulted in hospitalization, then the responsible caretaker should be held responsible for negligence and be forced to pay for any medical bills and pain and suffering that you may handle. In certain cases, you may be able to argue towards a personal injury product liability claim . This claim is more viable if the product was mislabeled or there is no warning saying that the packets have toxic chemical contents. Product liability claims often have to be handled with extreme care. When a plaintiff is going up against a large company, chances are that he or she will meet many lawyers dedicated to defending the company that has been listed as a plaintiff. If you are injured or your child is injured by a laundry detergent packet, the first step you should take is calling poison control and 911 in order to get your child the medical attention that he or she needs. After this, you may want to report your incident to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and explain what symptoms you or your child experienced.

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