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The Dangers of Costume Contacts

Many people chose to add an exciting eye color to their costume and will purchase decorative contacts to make that happen. While these may seem tempting, doctors are suggesting that consumers avoid the fake contacts this year. The decorative lenses are often poorly made and have been linked to a variety of eye infections and eye damage. In some cases, the contacts may damage the eye and cause temporary or permanent blindness.

According to The Legal Examiner there are some states where decorative lenses are illegal. They are often sold over the counter and can cause permanent vision loss. Doctors say that the contract lenses are dangerous because they are not created to fit the customer’s specific eye. Contacts can’t be a “one size fits all” item, and yet many costume companies market the contacts to be just that. Optometrists state that whenever you purchase contacts you should first undergo an eye exam and then obtain a prescription. Even if you merely want decorative lenses, you should make sure to special order a product that will fit your eye.

The 2012 American Optometric Association found that 18 percent of all Americans where decorative contact lenses, and 28 percent say that they bought the lenses without a prescription eye exam or without a prescription written by a doctor. While the colored lenses are typically illegal, they are often sold at flea markets, on the internet, and at beauty salons.

If you want to avoid bacterial injections and allergic reactions that could come with decorative lenses, then you should avoid purchasing them. If you experience irreversible vision loss, and can prove that another party was at fault in making you wear or convincing you to wear decorative contacts, then you need to contact a Miami product liability attorney today. For example, if you were told to wear the contacts for a work-related activity or you were told specifically that they would not affect your vision, then talk to someone at our firm today!

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