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Product Liability FAQs

Against Whom can I Make a Claim if I was Injured as a Result of a Defective Product?

You may claim directly against the manufacturer of the product. In some instances it is allowed to claim against the seller or the distributor. Sometimes the changes made to the product once purchased (such as repairs or automobile recalls) the entities involved in such a change (or repair) of a product may also carry partial or full responsibility in case of an injury depending upon how the product was modified and when the modification took place. Most of the time, such claims require professionals to be involved for a complete, unbiased and comprehensive review and analysis. We have been working with the best professionals in Miami, Florida area and successfully handled various cases involving product liability claims. With our knowledge and experience we can offer the best legal service just for our customers. Call Klemick and Gampel today with your product liability claim at (305) 856-4577.

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I Have an Injury due to a Defective Product. Do I Have a Case?

In order to have a strong product liability case there are things you need to prove. If the product’s design, production, distribution, sales, or repair is negligently flawed you may be eligible for compensation of your injuries cause by the product. If any part of this production chain is negligent then the producing company is held liable. There can also be situations where just the fact of an injury from a product itself will have sufficient basis for a product liability suit and is called strict liability. To determine the kind of liability of a product in your case and obtain a fair compensation call Klemick and Gampel law firm today for an evaluation of your case. With our knowledge and experience we have successfully recovered fair compensations for our clients in product liability claims and will continue to have success in the years to come.

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Excellent personal injury law firm. Handled my case professionally and efficiently and obtained the results I wanted. Great staff. Scott M.
Such a Professional Staff and Professional Service. They really care about their clients. Craig D.