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Police Officer Involved in Fatal Miami Crash

Car accidents are tragic, no matter who is involved. When a child is killed in a horrific accident, and a police officer is to blame, the situation may seem even more devastating. Recently, a 23-year-old man was nearly killed when he was hit by an unmarked police car. The SUV he was driving was severely damaged and a woman in the car was hit. Marco Barrios, the victim in the accident, was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit at the Jackson Memorial Hospital with extensive head and neck injuries.

He also broke his pelvis and shoulder bone after the accident, and is recovering. The sister of the victim has finally talked to CBS4 News explaining that her brother is a good kid and that all of the family misses the girl who was killed in the crash deeply. The young woman who died was Marco’s girlfriend. She says that they had been going out for the past two years and were making plans for their future together.

The police are currently investigating the accident which involved an unmarked police officer. Marco’s family is yearning for answers regarding what happened on the fateful night. The Hialeah Police reported their initial findings after the accident, but some witnesses and the victims’ family are skeptical. The victim’s family complains that the police officer who was involved in the accident was airlifted to the hospital immediately. Marcos and his girlfriend were taken by ambulance instead.

The police claim that Barrios ran a stop sign and slammed into the police rover on the devastating night, but the skid marks on the street suggest that Barrios may have been trying to avoid an accident when the police officer drove through the stop sign instead. One witness observed the accident but has expressed an uneasiness to testify. If you are involved in a collision with a police officer, you may have a difficult time seeking the compensation that you want to obtain. You will want a tenacious lawyer on your side that can pull every string and make every effort to get you the compensation that you desire. Contact a lawyer at Klemick & Gampel today for more information!

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