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Giving Back: Our Community Outreach Program

At Klemick and Gampel, we don’t just measure success by victories in the courtroom. We believe it is not only important to serve our community, but to give back to it. It is in this spirit that we have developed our community outreach programs. Ironically, in a world that’s more connected than ever before, at the local level our communities are suffering. A tough economy has meant a shrinking middle class, unemployment, a housing crisis and shortages in numerous public assistance programs. With the help of our fine clients and business partners, we’re doing whatever is possible to change that.

Food Banks

The Law Firm of Klemick and Gampel is especially concerned about making certain that no one goes hungry right here in our own South Florida backyard. It is for this reason that law firm principle Herman Klemick gets up and out of bed before dawn on Saturdays to run the Coconut Grove Food Outreach Program, a cause with which he has been involved for more than a decade.

“I can’t sleep soundly knowing that there are folks out there who desperately need our help,” says Klemick who oversees the Coconut Grove food bank operation that distributes bags of food to the needy from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. every Saturday. “My only regret is that we cannot feed everyone in the community,” Klemick adds. He points out, however, that help is also available from other Food Banks throughout South Florida such as Feeding South Florida (formerly the Daily Bread Food Bank), Feeding America as well as the International Association of Letter Carriers, who stage their annual food drive every May–a cause in which the law firm of Klemick and Gampel is also involved.

To find a food bank near you, please call Feeding South Florida at 305-633-9861 in Miami-Dade or 954-518-1818 in Broward, or via their website at Feeding South Florida Website

Back to School

During the back-to-school season, K&G has led a partnership between our law firm and local church outreach programs to give back-to-school bags to needy elementary through high school students throughout South Florida. These bags normally consist of a backpack and all of the basics that local schools require, pencils, pens, folders, paper, even flash memory cards to start these students out on the right track.

Other Community Assistance

State and federal budget shortfalls have meant deep cuts to programs that help those people who need it the most. At Klemick and Gampel, we are always open to new community opportunities where we can lend a helping hand to help fill the gap through back to school events, holiday activities, charity food drives, and other events which occur throughout the year. We believe that by working together and strengthening our communities, every single one of us benefits.

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