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Do You Live Near the Most Dangerous Intersection in the Country?

Did you know that Miami is home to the most dangerous traffic intersection in the country? The corner of Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard is quite literally the intersection in American where the most accidents occur. It’s more dangerous than intersections in New York or even Los Angeles, where there are more drivers and more cars.

There were 357 accidents there last year. Thats a little under one accident every day. In order for there to be so many accidents, there simply has to be a flaw in the way that the road is designed. The city council is responsible for dealing with this situation, but has not made any effort to do so as of late. Back in 1988, the city council sought to post a lower speed limit onf Flamingo Road. This is because city authorities were concerned that there was a danger involved with driving too fast there.

Police and city officials say that the road is dangerous in part because of a canal that runs along the western edge. It is also dangeorus becasue of a high volume of traffic that uses the road as a major north-south passageway through the state. A lkot of trucks travel on the road so that they can drop gravel to an dfrom the pits in western Pembroke Pines, which means that there are constantly a lot of big rigs located on the dangeorus avenue. As well, there are often construction workers on the road. While the construction may impove the road in time, whiel construction workers are there it poses a saefty risk.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Miami, contact Klemick and Gampel for a free legal consultation today. If your loved one was injured on a dangerous road then you may be able to bring up a complaint with the city and explain that there has been a lot of dangerous accidents at this location. You may be able to point out engineering accidents that make the road dangerous, and may be able to seek reform of the road in addition to compensation for your injuries. Contact a personal injury attorney in Miami today for more information about road condition car accident litigation!

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