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Cooking Fires Resulting in Burn Injuries

Our firm has been recently asked to represent two separate clients who suffered third degree burns in two separate cooking fires. In both cases our clients were attempting to heat cooking oil on the stove to a temperature which would allow them to fry croquetas and French fries. In these cases the smoke alarms did not go off and the pan burst into flames.

Both clients attempted to carry the flaming oil and pan outside to prevent the house from catching fire. Instead the flaming oil spilled on them which resulted in third degree burns, hospitalization, multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and rehabilitation. In one of the cases the fire extinguisher provided by the homeowner’s association did not work. Our firm is suing the homeowner and homeowner association for our clients severe injuries and damages.

To prevent these types of fires make sure your smoke detectors work, have a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen, have a lid for the pan on the stove, do not leave the pan unattended while the oil is heating. Manufacturers of the pans and stoves can play their part in preventing these household cooking fires by having temperature regulators built into the pan and stove to prevent the oil from reaching the flammable temperature. They can also provide proper warnings on the pans and stove on how to prevent and extinguish cooking fires.

The oil manufacturers should also provide large warnings on the containers warning users of the severe burns that can occur if the oil catches fire.If you are injured in an accident like this one, then you need to hire a firm that is experienced in this are of law. Burn injury lawsuits can be a delicate procedure and you will want to be careful when you are dealing with this issue. You may benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney at Klemick & Gampel to work on your case and seek damages that you deserve. We’ve dealt with burn injuries from cooking oil and other kitchen accidents before. Go with an law firm that has the experience necessary to see you through. Choose Klemick & Gampel today!

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