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BP Oil Spill Settlement May be the Largest Criminal Penalty in History

The Huffington Post reports that the BP Plc. company held responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 is now going to be paying what is believed to be the largest criminal payout in the U.S.’s history. After finally pleading guilty to their company’s criminal misconduct, the U.S. Department of Justice came to a settlement with BP, claiming that they are responsible to now a very large amount of money for their charges.

Reports claim that BP agreed to plead guilty in exchange for the promise by the government that this case would never be prosecuted again. At this time these words are coming from a reliable anonymous source, and according to the source once the hearing has gone through their payment required will be the largest, ever. Because the case is not officially over, the actual amount BP will likely owe for their conduct has not been released, though the source says it will be much larger than their criminal fine in 2009 in which they owed nearly $2 billion for marketing fraud.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred in 2010 just off of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and is known to be the largest marine oil spill in the petroleum industries history. This explosion led to the loss of 11 lives as well as 17 other injuries. The main concern with this explosion is the long-term effects the oil spill will have on the environment and the health of the people, because nearly 5 million barrels of oil were released in to the ocean.

At this time, BP is already experiencing over a hundred thousand lawsuits against their company for the economic as well as medical damages due to the large oil spill. Many people are joining into the large class action lawsuit that has been established, and according to reports the company will owe over $7.8 billion in ligation fees alone in order to work through these lawsuits.

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