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Back to School: The Danger of School Accidents

Playgrounds are an enticing and exciting part of school for many elementary school students. Young children crave the time that they will be allowed to go outside and play on the play equipment for recess. While recess can be a very fun part of the school day, it can also be a dangerous time. According to reports, the most widely seen danger on playgrounds is that the surface under the climbing and sliding equipment is not safe and soft for children. When they fall from the monkey bars or tumble off the slide, children can break a nose or hit their head on hard pavement or another dangerous surface that is surrounding the equipment. This is why most playgrounds are required to fill the area surrounding the equipment with a relatively soft substance. This can be rubber, loose gravel, sand, bark chips, or grass, just to name a few.

As well, children can become injured if the playground equipment at a school is not kept up. A broken swing or a loose stair can create a serious danger when children begin exploring the equipment. Rusty, metal playgrounds or sharp metal objects that protrude from the play set can be devastating. Many children have been injured when they have taken a tumble and fallen onto a sharp post or a rusty stake in the play area. At Klemick & Gampel we have dealt with hundreds of children playground injury cases in the past years. We know how to develop a case for a family who has experience heartache because of a dangerous playground at a daycare center or school. All child care institutions should champion safety and make sure that their equipment is reliable and safe to use. If your child has been injured at school or a daycare facility because of unsafe playground equipment, then contact a lawyer at our firm for help litigating against your offenders! You deserve to receive compensation for any medical bills that you have had to pay and the pain and suffering that you have had to endure.

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